Steve Richards is a co-founder and director of the TheoEco Institute. An environmentalist at heart, he is deeply concerned with how the intersection of theology and economics impact the ecology, all of which is the kernel that led to the TheoEco Institute. He and his daughter Bobbie Richards produced TheoEco’s first feature-length documentary “Piles of Bricks,” a film about the April 2015 earthquakes in Nepal and the following recovery efforts. He directs and produces all of TheoEco’s documentaries including “Piles of Bricks” and “The Flourishing Kathmandu Church.” He and Bobbie are also currently in the early stages of producing a documentary on human trafficking in Nepal and beyond. A resident of Miami since 1968 (with a few stints in New England), he has always had an affinity for South Florida and the Everglades in particular. Richards is also a small businessman with two businesses related to pension plans. He received his bachelors from the University of Miami, his MBA from Babson College, and has more recently studied theology and economics at the Yale Divinity School.

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Bobbie Richards is a co-founder and the youngest director of the TheoEco Institute. Born and raised in Miami Beach, she has been immersed in the issues of sea level rise, Everglades restoration and flooding in South Florida nearly her entire life. Traveling to Kathmandu with her father Steve Richards in the fall of 2015 she experienced first-hand the aftermath of Nepal’s earthquakes and the rebuilding efforts, co-directing and producing TheoEco’s “Piles of Bricks.” She has co-produced all of TheoEco’s documentaries and also acts as cameraperson, writer, and director of many of TheoEco’s productions. A student at New York University (currently on a leave of absence attending Miami Dade College), she is planning on studying politics and journalism.