The TheoEco Institute, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Miami, Florida, is concerned with documenting, assisting, and researching those entangled in environmental and economic predicaments.

In so doing, the Institute produces documentaries about, and backs, the causes it finds important and are within its means to assist. We are also very interested in how theological undercurrents further exacerbate the entanglements between mankind’s pursuits and the ecology they find themselves impacting.

Founded by Steve Richards and his daughter Bobbie Richards in 2015, TheoEco has focused on situations as varied as earthquake relief in Nepal and sea level rise in South Florida. Much of its resources are focused on the Institute’s Nepal Project, as well as other research initiatives and the documentaries the Institute produces. 

Steve’s journey started as he tried to discern the role the Spirit plays in the world's economic activities, prompting him to pen the study Economics in the Gospels to see what Christ and the ancient Jews might offer on the subject. He is currently compiling its follow up, Economics in the New Testament, due out in 2018. He has studied theology and economics at Yale University and is a visiting professor at the National Theological College in Kathmandu, teaching his class remotely via equipment financed by TheoEco. Lastly, he is a businessman (see with an MBA from Babson College and a bachelors in finance and economics from the University of Miami.

Closely involved in the Institute is Bobbie Richards, who co-produces and directs the documentaries and is a director of the Institute. You will see her as interviewer, cameraperson, writer, and recording engineer. She also heads up TheoEco's Garden of Nepal joint venture. She is currently pursuing her bachelors at New York University in New York City.

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